My 10 Days of Silence

By Abeer Jabaji, Personal Development Coach   In our high-speed world, many of us feel communication-burnout. Life is full of noise. Even when we’re alone, we’re usually...

Mother’s Day Pancakes

By Lara Hammoudeh, Baker & Chocolatier A fluffy pancake breakfast is how I deliciously show gratitude to my mother!   Ingredients ¾ cup wholewheat flour ¾ cup all-purpose flour 1 ½ tsp...

Raising Strong, Independent Women

By Dina Halaseh, Educational Psychologist We live in a culture where some assume education is more important for men because they will eventually head houses...

The Magic of Appreciation

By Andie Petrides  I was awakened after a three-hour major operation by taps on my face and the voice of my doctor saying, “Wake up;...

Romance Under the Stars

When you think of the ultimate romantic destination, Jordan may not be on your shortlist. But it is on ours! This month, we bring...

A Love of Learning

By Dina Halaseh, Educational Psychologist How can we develop a lifelong love of learning among our children and what does it mean to be a...

The Rice Was Never Bad

By Karen Hannoush Editor’s note: These pages are for teens to express themselves through creative writing. This month, inspired by her interview with Fatmeh Zo’bi...

12 Months to Adopt 12 Habits of Success

By Dr Tareq Rasheed,  International Consultant & Trainer 2020 is here but are you ready? Let’s welcome the new year with a renewed determination to succeed...

Too Stressed to Eat Well? Think Again!

By Ayah Murad, Clinical Dietician   Our lives can be quite stressful. Financial commitments, family responsibilities and the constant need to manage a work-life balance preoccupy our...

Santa’s Favourites

By Lara Hammoudeh, Baker & Chocolatier These soft and tender cookies are a Christmas favourite and ideally served with tea. When you gather your family and friends, you’ll want...


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