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You all know Food Blogger Banan Gharaibeh for her desserts in Family Flavours parenting magazine. This year, she’s focusing on sweets from around the world. The United States is our sweet destination this month, with Gharaibeh’s Boston Cream Pie recipe.


Food Expert Sheela Sheth shares how she’s using her stand mixer for making heavenly cakes and cookies, bread, roti, pizza dough and homemade pasta and flatbreads.

Following her years living in Italy, Cooking Expert Ghada Haj is thrilled to share her recipes from the places she visited there. This month’s dish from Piemonte is chicken stuffed with chestnuts and sausage.

Food Expert Taghreed’ Odeh has us indulging this month in her favourite seasonal veggie for this time of year: cauliflower!


You can count on Food Writer Sarah ‘Ajour to add her cosmopolitan twist to traditional favourites. Don’t miss her olive oil scones!


Lara Hammoudeh keeps us healthy and active with her no-bake energy bites recipe.