Spring Into Action

By Sonia Salfity   It doesn’t really matter what plan we each follow because different ones work for different people. However, if we fail to...

Mothers: The Real Superheroes

I've been working with children with developmental delays for a number of years and it's the mothers I am usually in direct contact with....

What to Expect at 40

Helping women over 40 overcome nutritional challenges By Serein Behari, Clinical Dietician Hormonal changes may be to blame for weight gain, loss of bone and...

Food for the Mind, Body & Soul 

Here, we bring you trustworthy parenting advice to contribute to your children’s physical, mental and social wellbeing. Boosting your Child’s Brain Power Research in recent...

Forget the Flowers?

By Ghadeer Habash, Internationally Certified Career Trainer Many couples wait for occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and Valentine’s Day to express love. Sure, who doesn’t love...

Self-Care in a Stressful World

By Haneen Mas’oud, Clinical Psychologist  Our hectic lives necessitate that we take care of ourselves so we are better able to avoid an emotional overload...

Special Sisters & Brothers Supporting siblings of children with special needs

By Luma Jamjoum, Career Coach for People with Disabilities & Founder of Bahja* Initiative Most kids who have special needs, developmental and mental health concerns, have typically...

Nutrition to Thrive

Tips for children with special needs By Serein Behari, Clinical Dietitian A child with autism may have one set of unique nutritional problems while a...

No More Unfulfilled Resolutions

By Ghadeer Habash, Internationally Certified Career Trainer Many people make grandiose resolutions but never get far on following through. Perhaps you were one of them...

Get a Virtual Makeover!

Tired of your look? Try a virtual makeover! Whether you’re looking to enhance your look in smartphone photos or virtually test makeup before you...


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