Recipe for Success

We watch them on television looking glamorous and beautiful, but do we know just what it takes to balance home and professional life behind the scenes? This month, we have an exclusive one-on-one interview with television presenters Lorina Copty and Razan Salameh in Family Flavours.

Al Marji’ Publications gathered experts, breast cancer warriors and their families for a roundtable discussion focusing on the importance of support systems and prioritising mental wellbeing during and beyond treatment. Portrait Photographer Anastasia Casey was on hand to capture it all and also shared what she learned from her sister’s battle with breast cancer.

World Mental Health Day is on 10 October. Clinical Psychologist Haneen Mas’oud shares her toolbox of coping strategies. You’ll want to try these breathing and relaxation techniques to relieve the debilitating physical and psychological symptoms of stress!

If your mindset is holding you back in life, Dr Tareq Rasheed, International Consultant and Trainer, shares the Proactivity Model of Choice.

For our financial health, Certified Money Coach Christeen Haddadin shares a few things to consider before you set out to invest.

Giloy is Sheela Sheth‘s herb of the month, with many medicinal, cosmetic and culinary benefits.

Makeup Artist Rama Hijazi gets us prettied up for themed parties! Pick one of her three quick and easy looks to show off at your home party or the one you’re invited to.