Recipe For Success

Craving success? Dr Tareq Rasheed, International Consultant and Trainer, helps us lead in the digital era

Rania Sa’adi, Licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist, explains why Rapid Transformational Therapy is so powerful and how we can use it to reach our highest potential

As World Suicide Prevention Day is in September, Clinical Psychologist Sara Mahdawi explains that suicide attempts are not a cry for attention but a cry for help – know the signs

We continue to bring you stories of success and adventure, such as Dr Alexandra Yashina’s remarkable journey swimming at 60 in the open waters between Europe and Asia

We also bring you an exclusive interview with Jordanian-Palestinian children’s book author Muna Abudayyeh, who’s using picture books to help raise awareness about body safety

In partnership with Al ‘Oun for Alzheimer’s Patient Care Association (AACA), we commemorate  World Alzheimer’s Month with a roundtable talk about the challenges facing Alzheimer’s patients and their families in Jordan

Then Aromatherapist and Cosmetologist Zenab Ishtay shows us how to age gracefully using essential oils!

Our herbalist, Sheela Sheth, points out the nutritional value, medical benefits and culinary appeal of Taro roots and leaves

Makeup Artist Rama Hijazi helps boost our self-confidence and body image this month!