The Power of Emotions

 By Amani Attili, Educational Consultant & Coordinator of Labeeb’s Friends* Educators agree that emotional wellbeing has a huge effect on the social and cognitive...

Shopping Smart for Your Fruits & Veggies

By Ayah Murad, Clinical Dietician Do we know where our fruits and vegetables come from? Fruits and vegetables provide many essential vitamins and minerals....

Spreading Tolerance with a Pot & a Lens

By Noor Nasser Lebanese-American author, photographer and food consultant Barbara Abdeni Massaad is striving to change lives through her work. In an exclusive interview with Family...

GET UP to Ward Off Diabetes!

By Marian Podoleanu, Health & Fitness Educator Four million Jordanians, 25 years old and older, are overweight or obese and two million Jordanians are...

Is Negative Body Image Hurting Your Marriage?

By Dr Yaman Tal, Consultant Urological Surgeon & Consultant in Sexual Medicine Many of us, at some point in their lives, experience negative body image....

Culinary Memories: Malawian Medley

By Sheela Sheth, Food Expert Our journey to the warm heart of Africa is a gentle reminder of African hospitality laced with humble disposition....

Tie it Up with Love

By Razan Rousan Father’s Day is all about spoiling Baba and letting him know just how much you love him. We’ve come up with a...

Spreading the Joy

Yasmine Goussous (10) looks forward to the annual tradition of baking and decorating Christmas cookies. This year, she invites her friends Mira (10) and...

Spotlight on Immunisations

Spotlight on Immunisations Essential health tips from the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) Vaccines save the lives of two to three million people per year. However,...

Can My Dreams Come True?

By Ghadeer Habash, Internationally Certified Career Trainer Everyone has dreams; big or small, new dreams or old dreams, possible and seemingly impossible ones. But what...


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