Craving success? Dr Tareq Rasheed , International Consultant & Trainer, tells us that managing our emotions is a key strategy for success in family, career and life in general

With all your upcoming Ramadan and ‘Eid purchases, now is the time to switch to a digital wallet! Learn from Digital Banking Expert Nashwa Beheiry how one simple switch to Arabi MobiCash can make your life so much easier, enabling you to make contactless payments in stores, online, via an app, transferring money to another person or even withdrawing cash

Aromatherapist and Cosmetologist Zenab Ishtay shares detox tips and essential oils for Ramadan

Did you know that Earth Day is on 22 April? Meet wildlife veterinarian Dr AbdelRahman Muayyad, as he shares lessons from his wildlife encounters in Jordan. Veterinarian Dr Silvia Zayadin bring us his story

Zoraya Bernal, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Registered Nurse, says the toxins in certain foods, cosmetics and household supplies could be making us overweight, tired and sick. The good news? She has practical tips for all of us

“Go green by growing green” is Sheela Sheth’s way of contributing to Earth Day – let’s learn from her!

Ever tried activated charcoal, olive oil and cannabidiol on your face? Makeup Artist Rama Hijazi introduces us to nature-inspired skincare. Some will surprise you!

For World Art Day (15 April), discover the value of art therapy and how Jordan’s orphans are benefitting.

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