By Ayah Murad, Clinical Dietician It seems everyone is talking about “detox” and considering a “cleanse”. Detox diets are often misunderstood, especially since your body...

Summer Slump

By Tamara Jalajel, Children's Physiotherapist For many children and teens today, summer is sedentary and indoors, playing videogames and watching television. Getting your child outdoors...

Your Baby’s First Time

Eating Solids By Razan Rousan* Your baby is physically ready to start eating solid foods from six months old but remember that the priority is for...

Tie it Up with Love

By Razan Rousan Father’s Day is all about spoiling Baba and letting him know just how much you love him. We’ve come up with a...

The Wait and See Approach? But your child Can’t wait

By Tamara Jalajel, Children's Physiotherapist Not meeting developmental milestones within the age range isn’t necessarily a sign that your child has a delay. If it...

Keeping it Up

By Dr Yaman Tal, Consultant Urological Surgeon & Consultant in Sexual Medicine Studies have estimated that Erectile Dysfunction (ED) may play a role in as...

Culinary Memories: Malawian Medley

By Sheela Sheth, Food Expert Our journey to the warm heart of Africa is a gentle reminder of African hospitality laced with humble disposition....

A Health Dose of Culture in Every Bite

By Ayah Murad, Clinical Dietician The incidence of patients suffering from overweight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, and high levels of uric acid, is on...

Are We Failing Our Boys?

Muslim and Christian reflections on our spiritual health By Noor Sa’adeh, A Muslim Perspective Divine Perspectives writers Noor Sa’adeh and Sonia Salfity, both of whom are mothers, share...

Spring Mix!

By Razan Rousan Photography by Anastasia Casey We teamed up with Al-Masar Child Development Services Centre for a fun cooking session that promotes engagement, communication and...


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