7 Ways to Help Your Skin Survive Winter


7 Ways to Help Your Skin Survive Winter
By Rama Hijazi, Makeup Artist

The winter season calls for changes in our skincare routine. Altering your skincare routine with these simple steps will ensure you feel and look hydrated and healthy this winter!

First, remember to hydrate the inside as well as the outside by drinking an adequate amount of water throughout the day.

Changing your cleanser
As for hydrating the outside, starting with a cleanser, you should change your cleanser to a more hydrating one that will not strip your skin from its natural oils, such as cleansing milk. If your cleanser makes your face feel dehydrated and stripped, it is probably too harsh for your type of skin and you should switch to a gentler one, especially during the winter where your skin is drier and more sensitive

Exfoliating more
Gentle exfoliation removes dead cells that build up from the dry winter air. Exfoliating makes you more glowy and prevents dullness. Also, exfoliating with a gentle exfoliant helps your skin absorb your serums and moisturiser better. Exfoliate two to three times a week, using either an exfoliant with exfoliating agents such as AHAs and BHAs for blemish-prone skin or a face scrub for less sensitive skin types. Using a hydrating exfoliant is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin, and can be used more often

Adding a toner
Although some experts say toners are not essential in skincare routines, a hydrating toner that tones skin texture and complexion while adding moisture would be a great addition to your skincare routine. Toners that contain aloe vera, glycerin, rose water or vitamin E would be perfect

Applying hydrating serums
Hyaluronic acid helps skin hold on to water naturally making it retain its moisture. It is one of the most essential ingredients in any skincare routine because it is hydrating and moisturising. It gives you suppler and plumper skin, is anti-ageing and increases skin elasticity. Hyaluronic acid should be applied to damp skin to be better absorbed and can be used in both your morning and night skincare routine.

Vitamin C is also an ingredient to add to your morning routine. It is brightens your skin, which helps with the dullness of your complexion during the winter. It also has hydrating agents and promotes collagen production, which gives your skin a healthier, more hydrated and plumper look. Vitamin C serums also prevent premature ageing and reduce hyperpigmentation and redness

Switching up your moisturiser
The most important step when altering your routine to fit the winter is changing your lightweight moisturiser into a denser one, even if you do not have dry skin. Switch to a cream moisturiser for your morning routine. Start using an overnight mask moisturiser or a night cream for your night routine, as they tend to be heavier. This tip will ensure you have hydrated skin throughout the day and that you will wake up with plump and moisturised skin and not flaky skin

Considering face oil
This step is optional for people with oily and acne-prone skin since the oil may trigger acne. However, face oil is very beneficial for many reasons. Facial oils strengthen the skin barrier, which traps moisture and hydrates the skin. They also help regulate natural oil production, which will prevent unwanted oiliness throughout the day. Facial oils soften the skin’s texture and are another step towards more hydrated skin. Use a facial oil as the last ingredient of your nighttime skincare routine after your moisturiser

Looking after your lips
During the winter, your skin gets flaky and dry, and so do our lips. Our lips become chapped and irritable
To prevent this, I suggest investing in three products:

  • Lip scrub to exfoliate your lips
  • Lip balm to moisturise your lips
  • Lip oil to give you colour and shine

For an at-home spa day, invest in extra products such as hand and foot masks, hydrating sheet face masks, under-eye patches, a skin humidifier and skin massagers such as a guasha or a jade roller

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