News Bites May 2022

Experts Meetup: Learning, Networking & Collaborating
We hosted a series of meetups with our experts, including a virtual gathering with those living abroad. Experts in health, parenting, cooking and more, joined sharing what they’re covering in Family Flavours and Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh this year as well as offering feedback and ideas for collaboration.

Publisher and Managing Director of Al Marji’ Publications, Hind-Lara Mango spoke about opportunities for experts to get involved, including workshops and events organised by Al Marji’ Publications. She also highlighted the success of March’s events: Embracing Your Mind, Body & Soul VI wellness retreat in Aqaba and the Brain Boost two-day workshop, under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, Haifa Najjar, and in partnership with Mind Matters to commemorate World Health Awareness Week.

Laura Haddad, Manager-in-Charge of Family Flavours, led a brief interactive session on writing. The objective is to help experts write reader-friendly articles that cater to our readership in Jordan and demonstrate an understanding of their needs, struggles and hopes.
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In newspapers
Our media partner, The Jordan Times, reprints our experts’ articles from Family Flavours. This month, we highlight a few:
Do You Know What You Are Signing? by Nashwa Beheiry, Digital Banking Expert
Allergies: How to Stay Safe at School by Genetics & Biotechnology Expert, Zeina Sahyoun
Spring Into Healthy Habits by Sonia Salfiti, A Christian Perspective
Self-care is not Selfish by Aseel Salhab, Infant & Child Sleep Consultant

Partners in Play-based Education

With a focus on educational programmes and collaborative events that promote safe spaces for learning through play, the Children’s Museum Jordan (CMJ) renewed a two-year partnership agreement with Family Flavours and Nakahat’ Ailiyeh parenting magazines. The cooperation agreement is based on a 14-year partnership serving children and families in Jordan.

Family Flavours and Nakahat’ Ailiyeh magazines are among our most influential media partners,” said Sawsan Dalaq, CMJ Director. “Their mission aligns with the Museum’s objectives to develop the skills of children through our exhibits and interactive programmes based on learning through play,” she added.

“Our partnership with The Children’s Museum Jordan has evolved to include an Ambassadors of Family Health & Wellbeing programme,” said Hind-Lara Mango, Publisher and Managing Director of Al Marji’ Publications, which produces both magazines.

The initiative engages experts from across fields, all affiliated with Family Family Flavours and Nakahat’ Ailiyeh, in the Museum’s activities with children to raise awareness of areas that promote health and happiness.