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Al Marji’ Publications CELEBRATES ITS 16th Anniversary

September is a busy month for families and friends of Family Flavours and Nakahat Ailiyeh, stirring up flavours in celebration of Al Marji’ Publications’ 16th anniversary.
Faisal Shboul, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson and Kholoud Saqqaf, Chief Executive Officer of the Social Security Investment Fund, were among the high-profile figures who joined the magazines’ contributing experts at Grand Hyatt Amman’s The Lombard for the occasion. Guests also included families and children who’ve graced our covers over the years and grew up with Family Flavours and Nakaht ‘Ailiyeh.

In her opening remarks, Publisher & Managing Director Hind-Lara Mango, thanked partners and experts for their continuous support, training sessions, joint activities and workshops held to raise awareness and empower families.

She emphasised the challenging times faced by the company especially during and after COVID-19. “We need to go back to print as this is what our readers are asking for, but this needs financial support.”

Manager-in-Chief of Al Marji’ Publications, Leen Madanat, also spoke at the anniversary lunch. She emphasised how in the face of COVID-19 challenges, Mango’s vision and leadership steered the team in a direction that kept Family Flavours and Nakaht ‘Ailiyeh responsible and connected to readers throughout the two years of physical isolation.
Al Marji’ Publications’ next event is a women’s health and wellness retreat in Aqaba from 17-20 November 2022. Kholoud Saqqaf will speak about financial wellness and investments. For more information, call +962-796223099.

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