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An Epidemic on Wheels
Cairo Amman Bank recently partnered with Al Marji’ Publications (publishers of Family Flavours and Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh parenting magazines) to produce parental guides in English and Arabic to raise road safety awareness. The booklets were launched this month by Head of the Public Security Directorate Major General Fadel Hmoud at the Jordan Traffic Department.
The health content for both booklets was developed by Al Marji’ Publications’ partners in health, the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), in collaborations with the Jordan Traffic Institute.

Tribute to Aya Aghabi
Jordan laid to rest 28-year old activist Aya Aghabi last month. Founder of Accessible Jordan, Aghabi received local and international support for her efforts to transform over 100 places in Jordan to make them accessible. Aghabi, through her non-governmental organisation, was also working on the development of accessible tourism, making national treasures like Petra accessible for wheelchair users.
In 2009, Aghabi was in a car accident in Amman, leaving her with a physical disability and the need to use a wheelchair. “Every time I wanted to go out, finding a place that is wheelchair accessible was a daunting task,” Aya said in an interview with Family Flavours and Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh.
Aghabi went on to get an undergraduate degree in Development Studies and establish Accessible Jordan, an NGO that started out as an online guide of all the accessible outdoor venues and parks in Jordan. Accessible Jordan now works to increase awareness, advocate for change and help businesses and organisations make their spaces accessible to everyone.
From embassies and United Nations agencies to the Al Hussein Society and the Higher Council for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, everyone who has worked with Aghabi took to social media to express condolences.
Sara As’ad, who Familly Flavours featured for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for Accessible Jordan, says “climbing Kilimanjaro in her name and raising the flag of Accessible Jordan on the summit was an honour I will cherish forever.” She speaks of Aghabi as a “friend, a voice of change, and a fighter who taught us how to turn adversity into an advantage.”
“Aya was the warrior with the infectious smile who could rise above any obstacle and showed the world that the word disability is only in the mindset,” says Family Flavours contributor Luma Jamjoum, Career Coach for people with disabilities and Founder of Bahja, which provides opportunities for differently-abled youth and their parents to engage with their peers in a fun environment.