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Wellbeing of Family at the Core of the Crown Prince Foundation’s Partnership with Al Marj’ Publications

To meet the psychosocial needs of families in Jordan and to keep youth active and engaged while at home,

the Crown Prince Foundation (CPF) last month partnered with both Family Flavours and Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh parenting magazines to disseminate the magazines’ COVID-19 lockdown public services announcements.

“Our experts have sprung into action to inform, calm and empower families, helping them cope physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” notes Leen Madanat, Manager-in-Chief at Al Marji’ Publications, which produces Jordan’s only parenting magazines and public awareness booklets.

“With so much misinformation out there in social media, it is our social responsibility to offer reliable and credible information and tips through our online platforms,” she explains.

“The Crown Prince Foundation’s main focus is to provide opportunities for youth and advocate for mainstreaming youth in all national development policies, strategies, and endeavours,”  says Tamam Mango, Chief Executive Officer of CPF.

Mango adds “We are happy to partner with like-minded entities, to provide beneficial and relevant content to our target audience on social media platforms during these difficult times our country and the world are going through.”

To see the selected PSA’s, visit our YouTube channel on

Al Marji’ Publications.

Our featured experts

Abeer Jabaji, Personal Development Coach

Tareq Rasheed, International Consultant & Trainer

Dina Halaseh, Educational Psychologist

Ghadeer Habash, Internationally Certified Career Trainer

Leen Madanat, Early Childhood Development Expert & Community Service Consultant

Haneen Mas’oud, Clinical Psychologist

Sirsa Qursha, Child Development & Parenting Specialist

Karma Khalidi, Early Childhood Educator

Jessica Proudian, Social Media Specialist


#Covid #Lockdown Helping Families #Cope

Al Marji’ Publications invited its experts to take part in its live-streaming series with participants’ questions and comments. Experts included Personal Coach Abeer Jabaji speaking about “Life After Lockdown”.  International Consultant and Trainer Dr Tareq Rasheed focused on time management during and after the lockdown at the level of family and work.


Private Sector champions Public Awareness

Societe Generale Banque de Jordanie sponsored our Educational Psychologist Dina Halaseh’s call for action regarding the importance of routine in a child’s life during these difficult times.