Jordan in Full Bloom!

Jordan in Full Bloom!

Text & photos by Miriam Wozny

Finally, the dark, cold winter days have passed and what comes now is my favourite season: Spring! I imagined Jordan to be a vast expanse of desert so my first spring here has been a delightful surprise, with flowers blossoming just at the outskirts of Amman.

King Talal Dam
About a 40-minute drive from Amman, King Talal Dam is a worthwhile visit. From an easy walk to a more challenging hike, you can pick your choice of adventure. Hundreds of beautiful poppy flowers caught my attention first, covering the green grass like a lush red carpet. A closer look uncovers wildflowers all around. It is such a peaceful, tranquil area with plenty of fresh air – a pleasant and welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of Amman. From the start of the hike and heading downhill, views of the valley are breathtaking.

The Dam, about 100 metres high, was completed in 1978. It stores rainwater and treated wastewater and is the most important dam in Jordan. It carries the name of the former King Talal of Jordan.

Iraq Al Amir
Another gorgeous area, about 35 minutes by car from Amman, is Iraq Al Amir. First, we explored Qasr Al Abd, a Hellenistic palace completed between 175 and 200 BCE. The ruins lie embedded within the surrounding mountains in the middle of nature. From there, we hiked up the hill overlooking the stunning valley. It almost felt like being in Tuscany, Italy, with lavish greens and flowers of all colours: white, purple, red, yellow.

We visited the caves of Iraq Al Amir (Caves of the Prince) inhabited during the Copper Age, then continued to Iraq Al Amir Women’s Cooperative for a tasty, homemade breakfast. The community of women from the surrounding villages produce handmade paper, ceramics, pottery, soap and hand-woven fabrics (check out their Instagram page @iraqalamircoop). The cooperation gives many women and girls in the area an opportunity to secure an income and support their families.

Jordan has much more to offer than “only” Petra, the Dead Sea and vast desert landscapes.  Luckily, one does not have to travel far; nature’s beauty lies at Amman‘s doorstep.

Wishing you a lovely springtime with nature and in nature!

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