I Am Perfect & So Are You!

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By Nathalie Khalaf, Holistic Counsellor 

I’d like to dedicate this article to the perfection of life all around and within us. We have all used and heard that sentence “I am not perfect”, or “life is not perfect”. But what if I told you that life is, in fact, perfect and so are we?

What is perfection?
And better yet, who was it who set the standards of what is perfect and what is not? I am pretty sure it was one, or a group of human beings (just like you and I) at some point in history. They may have needed to exert power and decided to set some rules around some topics such as perfection, from where we all now get our beliefs of who and what are good enough.

It would be easy to simply blame a group of human beings at some point in history, right? The fact is, we are all responsible for these rules of what and who are good enough. They did come down along the line of history and ancestors, but we are responsible for carrying them forward! What it takes to break this chain is to simply love and trust yourself enough to stand by your own side; stick to what you think is good for you and have faith that you do not need to be a follower, or a sheep, of any kind, in order to fit in.

Self-criticism and judgement of others, of things, situations and places, are all created by human beings. If we want to take a moment to think about it from a religious point of view (and this is just my way of looking at it), we always say God is perfect. We must therefore agree God creates perfection and nothing less. Then, if we put one and one together, the conclusion is clearly that we are all perfect! Even if we want to consider another point of view, of those who are more scientific and believe in energy, that energy is also perfect and everything which comes out of it is therefore also perfect. We would be arrogant to assume we know more or better than God or that energy and judge it as imperfect!

Changing the perspective
Now, can that perspective make us look at ourselves and life from a different point of view? One of acceptance and gratitude? So many people neglect themselves believing (as most of us were taught to believe) that we are ‘not perfect’, forgetting who created them in the first place.

If we make them think about it by asking them if they are in anyway then negating or ‘dissing’ God’s work, that immediately turns on a lightbulb and puts a whole new perspective on things.

So how about looking at it this way:
1. Life is perfect the way it is. It has always been perfect and always will be. The only reason for it not being perfect at any given moment in our lives is because we come from a place of judgement and expectation, claiming in a way that we know more than that Perfection that created us
2. We are perfect the way we are. We were born perfect (yes even those of us with mental or physical issues). We were born with a certain consciousness ‘goals’ our souls have come to experience, and those are translated into our physical appearance

Accepting your perfection
Work on fully accepting and loving yourselves as you are (please revert to previous articles dedicated to self-love). When we achieve full self-love and acceptance, we realise we do not need to be clones of others, or copy anyone in order to be accepted or loved in our lives or society. We simply need to be ourselves, accept who we were created to be as separate individuals. And nothing nor no one is created by mistake! Everything and everyone are needed here intentionally. That is the way to be at peace with life, others and ourselves. We will see things differently and find happiness more easily.

Letting go and accepting ourselves and life is not to be seen as a sign of weakness, but one of acceptance which comes from letting go of the ego and leads us to a higher level of awareness and understanding, and that leads us to happiness and love. Acceptance takes patience, will and a lot of love. Next time you catch yourself judging yourself or life for not being perfect, ask yourself what it is you can learn from that situation, what it is you are expecting, according to whom, and how you can let go and replace expectation and judgement with acceptance.

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