Hand-embroidered bookmarks in the shape of traditional male and female figures (Bedouin, Circassian) by Mix & Match
Skirt with print of Amman city landscape by Saru Fashion
Box bag made of shmegh fabric and leather and 3D embroidery by Nousheh Shop
Abaya and Kaftan top in white hatta (traditional Arab headdress) embellished with handmade tassels and appliqued traditional Jordanian shemagh (Al Burgan Handicrafts)
Embroidered map of Jordan, combining the Jordanian shemagh with agricultural embroidery patterns, by Hikayetkhaity 
Hand-embroidered unisex scarves in charcoal and blue colours by Saru Fashion
Shemagh-inpsired mugs by My Pottery Shop. The red-and-white shemagh is associated with Jordan and its heritage
White or multigrain cheese and za’tar pastries by Mn Elforon
Cotton apron with hand-embroidered traditional Jordanian female figure by Mix & Match
Tabbouleh, musakhan rolls and tabbouleh and pistachio non-baked cheesecake by Cups