These customisable notebooks add a unique touch to the note-taking experience! You can choose from a variety of different designs, from embroidered to wood-covered notebooks. You can even have your child or teen’s name engraved on the cover! (Wood & Stitch)
Are you tired of having to keep throwing away used notebooks? This notebook comes with an erasable pen and a special cloth to erase writing. To wipe pages completely, you can place the notebook in the microwave for a few seconds and everything written will vanish so you can use the notebook again as though it’s brand new! (Bombook)
Tarek Hamdan creates wearable pieces of art with love from Za’atari Camp. The necklace is made from pencils arranged to mimic the shape of the sun and is engraved with the phrase “It Will Rise Again” in Arabic, indicating the hope Hamdan seeks in his work. The earrings, also made from pencils, give your daughter an edgy and confident back to school look! (Souq Fann)
Did you know that placing a plant on your desk can increase your productivity by 15%? These succulents and flora planted in unique pots will boost your efficiency during your study sessions! (WOW Shop)
Succulents in customised wooden letter frames or in geometric concrete or glass pots to decorate your space (Stems’n’Petals)
Studying can be discouraging and hard sometimes, but these hand-painted canvases and pencil holders will restore your child’s much-needed motivation with colourful, short and sweet motivational messages (Aseella Odd)
This jar contains 365 colourful paper slips. A motivational message is written on each piece of paper so your child or teen can start every day of the year on a positive note! (Pembe Siyah Mor)
Beautify your laptop with this case! Featuring a minimal, clean design, the Anchor Sleeve for MacBook is fully padded and fleece-lined (Dumyah)
Top your pencils with these handmade crochet flower toppers to add a unique touch to your ordinary school pencils (Dania Sa’edan, Crochet Hobbyist, a writer in our sister publication, Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh)
This practical plastic organiser will sort your desk space in no time! Store your calculators, notebooks, pencil cases and much more (Abdeen Home Center)
This desk organiser is perfect for storing all kinds of small items and since the five boxes are unconnected, you can move and place them in the way that suits your child’s things best (IKEA)
This 365-page agenda helps you stay organised while simultaneously encouraging your child or teen to discover themselves through short reflection prompts on each page. It comes in a variety of covers (Ask Rawan)
These adorable lunchboxes in a variety of colours and hand-drawn illustrations carry a one 3-cup portion compartment for main dishes, two separate 1-cup portion compartments for sides and one 1⁄4-cup portion for dips or sauces. Your child or teen can enjoy their hommous, labaneh and olive oil worry-free! (The GoodBox Co)
These handmade and customisable pencil-shaped pencil holders will organise your child’s school supplies and add a pop of colour to their study spaces (Meow Art & Craft)
This activity book encourages your child to learn how to be a reflective thinker and express themselves through various activities and questions on each page (Ask Rawan)