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Good Morning, Jordan!

By Taghreed ‘Odeh, Food Expert

Over the past months, we’ve sampled breakfast together from all over the world. For Family Flavours’ anniversary edition, I wanted to return to our roots and serve the best of Jordan!

Galayet Bandora
(Sautéed Tomato Dish)

Known to be King Abdullah’s favourite dish, this is a very traditional yet timeless recipe in Jordan and you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can add minced meat or eggs if you like. It is best served with pita bread or white rice if you have it for lunch
or dinner.

6 large red tomatoes
½ cup hot green pepper,
diced (optional)
2 cloves garlic
¼ cup olive oil
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 medium-sized onion, diced
½ cup water
Salt and pepper to taste

1. To peel the tomatoes, put in hot water and leave for 15 minutes to make the skin easy to peel off
2. Once peeled, cut tomatoes into medium-sized cubes
3. Heat pan then add olive oil and onions until translucent and add the garlic, stirring for one minute
4. Add the tomatoes, tomato paste and hot green pepper, stir and for a couple of minutes until tomatoes are soft
5. Add the water, season with salt and pepper and cover until the water dries (three to four minutes)
6. Serve with pita bread or white rice

Falafel Pizza
Most of Jordan loves eating falafel and hummos daily as they’re readily available and delicious from food outlets all over. So grab 500g of your favourite hummos and 20 pieces of falafel and let’s make this delightful recipe I created for your family to enjoy.

For the dough
1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
2 ¼ tsp dried yeast
¾ a cup of warm water
1/8 cup olive oil
500 g hummos
20 falafel
2 medium-sized tomatoes, diced
Bunch of fresh mint leaves
Pickles of your choice, diced
Yellow and red cherry tomatoes
¼ cup minced parsley

For the tahini sauce
2 tbsp lemon juice
¼ cup tahini
1 tbsp yoghurt
¼ cup water
Salt to taste

1. Preheat the oven for three minutes at the highest setting
2. Mix dough ingredients until a dough is formed. Keep it in a bowl, cover with nylon wrap and let sit for one hour. After the dough has rested, spread on a pizza pan and bake for about 10 minutes
3. Spread a rich amount of hummus on the cooled pizza dough
4. Smash the falafel and spread it over the hummos
5. Add the layer of tomatoes, pickles, parsley and mint leaves
6. Prepare the tahini sauce by mixing the ingredients until a smooth sauce is formed. You can add more water if needed
7. Drizzle the tahini sauce on top of the pizza and decorate with arugula and the coloured cherry tomatoes
8. Slice and enjoy your falafel pizza!

Fried Eggs with Summaq
When I think of Jordan, I think of olive oil and summaq. So let’s make something out of these gems. Simple, authentic ingredients take me back in time to when teta used to make this for breakfast.

¼ olive oil
1 garlic clove, crushed
Salt to taste
3 eggs
1 tsp summaq

1. Heat a medium size pan, add the olive oil and garlic, and keep stirring until the garlic is translucent; be careful it doesn’t get very dark, for it will taste bitter
2. Crack the eggs directly into the pan of garlic and season with salt; cook until the egg white is well done and the yolks are almost done
3. Sprinkle a good amount of summaq
4. Enjoy with pita bread!

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