Bake Up Support for Breast Cancer Awareness

By Banah Sogayar, Hobby Cake Artist

Help raise money and awareness by hosting a Go Pink cupcake bake sale or dessert party. Be sure to include copies of Family Flavours opened up to articles about breast cancer in Jordan. You can support The Jordan Breast Cancer Programme while having a sweet good time!

What you’ll need

Tools: 7 cm rolling pin, sharp knife, toothpick

Materials: Cake or cupcake, pink and white fondant

Tip: You can colour both the white fondant and frosting with the gel colour that matches your cause

Strawberry Cake

1. Bake the cake or cupcake in the flavour you desire. Strawberry would match the theme perfectly. Cover them with white fondant and store

2. Store the cupcakes or cake in an airtight container before putting it in the refrigerator. This helps keep them from drying out

The Pink Ribbon Topper

1. To create the bow, roll out pink fondant and slice into two strips
2. Wrap each strip on an empty toilet roll and keep out to dry overnight

3. Roll out another pink fondant and slice it into two smaller strips. Using the knife, cut the little tails for the ribbons and pinch the top part

4. Once dried, assemble all the pieces and add a small strip in the middle of the two bows to create the final look

5. With a toothpick, poke holes on the edge of all the pieces for extra effect. Feel free to embellish the ribbon with any design you desire, from flowers to polka dots

Small Ribbon on Cupcakes

1. Roll out pink fondant and slice into strips

2. Using the knife, cut the little tails of the ribbons

3. Turn each strip into a ribbon shape and glue it together with a paintbrush and water if needed

4. Add to the cupcakes