Ready, Set, Dough!


These bakeries sure know how to delight with dough! Here are our top picks of bakeries in town that deliver artisan-made bread and irresistible pastries to your doorstep.  


Foron Rex

For its artisan bread and pastries, Foron Rex uses locally-sourced ingredients, including flour milled in Madaba from Jordanian wheat and delivered daily to the shop. The local bakery usually adopts a lengthy fermentation process for better taste and nutrition. Savoury selections include French baguettes, croissants, Italian ciabattas, rustic sourdoughs, white and brown toast bread, brioche buns, manakeesh (pita bread covered with thyme and oil), ka’ek bread and more.

You can preorder your bread and choose the date and time of delivery at


Rustic Bakery

This bakery specialises in whole wheat, gluten-free and sourdough baguettes and focaccia. The wholewheat walnut sourdough is a must-try. Another unusual find is the squid ink sourdough bread made with organic whole wheat and rye flour. For a colourful addition, opt for the sourdough made with butterfly pea flower tea. Butterfly-pea flower tea is a caffeine-free herbal tea infused with flower petals of the Clitoria ternatea plant.

You can message your order through Instagram/rustic_bakery


Plait Bakery

Plait Bakery’s signature bread is Hefezopf, a sweet bread originating from Switzerland, Germany and Austria. They recommend eating it with cheese, nut butters, jam, honey or dipped in hot milk, coffee or tea. What also sets this bakery apart is its zero-waste operation – they avoid using plastic throughout the procurement and packaging processes.

You can message your order through Instagram/plait.bakery


Beat Tha Wheat

Suzan Samman founded Beat tha Wheat after her daughters’ diagnosis of celiac disease – an immune disease in which people can’t eat gluten because it would damage their small intestines. Her products are gluten-free, vegan (dairy-free, casein-free and egg-free) with low cholesterol, carbohydrates and sugar. From pita bread to toast and hamburger buns, savoury pastries and more, Beat Tha Wheat offers an extensive menu for those who have gluten intolerance, wheat allergies and those who follow a gluten-free or wheat-free diet.

You can message your order through Instagram/beatthawheat


The Best Bakery

Who knew that our favourite everyday traditional mu’ajanat (savoury pastries) could look so elegant and decadent? The Best Bakery is skilled at making beautiful packaging for its mini pizza, sfeeha (meat bread), spinach, cheese, za’tar (thyme), turkey and cheese, hot dog and more, not to mention yalanji (cold, stuffed grape leaves), fried kubbeh and cookies. Whether you have gift-giving in mind or planning a small gathering at home, The Best Bakery is worth checking out. 

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Princess Taghreed Institute (PTI)

This non-government organisation trains and employs orphans and underprivileged youth, in catering, tailoring and handcraft production. PTI’s bakery sells freshly baked German, Italian and French bread (seeded rye bread loaf, mini baguettes, ciabatta, sourdough and pretzels). You can preorder from Saturday to Monday for delivery

every Wednesday. 

Check out the bakery menu at instagram/ptinst


Blue Fig Crusts

The bakery wing of Blue Fig Abdoun sells a selection of healthy gourmet bread, certified organic sourdough, gluten-free and other dietary option loaves. Popular options include multigrain and white baguettes, olive focaccia, dry fig and sunflower seed loaves, date and walnut soda loaves, potato and thyme bread, orange and cranberry scones and more.

You can find the full bakery menu at Instagram/bluefigcrusts


Crumz Bistro & Bakery 

Crumz offers a wide range of bread using long fermentation, natural leavening agents and sourdoughs. In recent years, they’ve added gluten-free, yeast-free and sugar-free products. Yet they are most famous for their variety of croissants and pastries, including croissant sandwiches in a variety of sizes and choices of filling. For a healthier alternative, the oats and wheat germ loaves are packed with antioxidants, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium, folic acid and are high in Vitamins E and B.

Check out the full menu at or visit Instagram/crumzjordan



Luma Khalaf founded Juthour, a supplier of internationally certified organic and speciality food products after her son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She made it her mission to research organic food and the effect of food toxicity on the brain. You can make your own bread, pizza, focaccia or breadsticks at home using Pivetti’s Organic Wholewheat Flour made from 100 per cent Italian wheat. You can also try Schär’s Brown, White, and Seeded Loaves of Bread as they are gluten-free, packed with fibre and do not contain lactose, eggs or palm oil. I think her signature flour is Bob Red Mill, she is the one who supplies  Blue Fig with their ingredients. I left Luma a voice note for clarification as her team did not pick up when I called. Juthour also delivers to areas outside of Amman, including Madaba, Zarqa, Irbid and Salt

Order online at, through their app or visit Instagram/juthour


Koursha’s Bakery

This family-owned and operated bakery includes bread of all kinds. You may enjoy the borodinsky or borodino bread, a dark brown sourdough rye bread of Russian origin, traditionally sweetened with molasses and flavoured with coriander and caraway seeds.

You can order at or through Instagram/koursha.bakery.pastry


Cozmo Bakery

The bakery section at Cozmo supermarket carries a variety of bread – from white and bran shrak and taboon bread, mu’ajanat and manakeesh to Western-style bread (dinner rolls, bagels, baguettes, croissants). A recent addition is a crispy and fluffy cornbread with high nutritional value.

You can order online at or visitInstagram/cozmojordan


Kajo Bakery

This bakery was one of the first in Jordan to sell gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free bread and pastries. They also offer free delivery to certain areas in Amman.

Check out Instagram/kajobakery