3 Red-Hot Looks for the Month of Love

By Rama Hijazi, Makeup Artist

Hello my beauties! This month I’m sharing some of my fav Valentine’s Day makeup looks for this year. These looks will suit your vibe and the look you may be striving for.

1. The No-Makeup Makeup Look
Let’s start with a glorified and trendy no-makeup makeup look, perfect for a day date or a chill date night: the monochromatic no-makeup makeup look.
Start off with a very minimal and light base using your favourite moisturiser to ensure you have a flawless, hydrated base for your face makeup
Follow up with a light primer so your makeup stays set for the longest time looking perfect
Then go on with a sheer foundation, tinted moisturiser or bb cream
Highlight under your eyes and conceal any imperfections with a concealer close to your skin tone, but don’t go too light
Use a cream bronzer for a more natural and hydrated look and go around the perimeters of your face as well as the crease of your eye and under your lower lash-line
Use a cream highlighter that gives you a sheen or a glisten rather than actual sparkles or glitter and highlight the tops of your cheekbones, your brow bone, the inner corners of your eyes, the tip of your nose, and your cupid’s bow
Now for the star of the show, choose a flush colour that perfectly matches your skin tone and complexion to achieve the monochromatic look. For example, you can choose a soft mauve, an earthy pink, or a fun coral. Use this colour of blush lightly on your eyelids, then use it where you would normally wear blush and add a bit on the bridge of your nose for that lovely sun-kissed look
Lastly, pat this colour onto your lips and top it off with clear gloss or lip balm
Finish off this look with eyebrow gel to lift your brows and a light coat of mascara to tie it all together
And there you have it, a monochromatic no-makeup makeup look!


2. The Glittery Eye Look
For a very fun and unusual Valentine’s Day look, go for a trendy glittery eye look that is perfect for a fun night out.
For this look, make sure your face is flawless by using a blurring primer, a good coverage foundation and an effective concealer to conceal any spots you may have
Use a lighter concealer to highlight under your eyes and the highlight areas of your face such as the center of your forehead and your chin
Use bronzer as you normally would to bronze and contour your face and ensure your bronzer is not too orangey, but rather neutral
For blush, use a subtle colour such as earthy pink to add a flush to your face without overpowering your makeup. Apply the blush on the high points of your cheekbones, and skip your nose this time
Highlighter is optional for this look because it might be overpowering with the glitter on the eyes. You can however use an illuminating sheen or illuminating foundation for your base
For the eyes, prime your eyelids with your favourite eyeshadow primer or your concealer. On your brow bone, apply a matte cream shade, then on your crease, apply either your bronzer or a neutral light brown shade to define the crease of your eye
Use the same brown to define your lower lash line. For the glitter, apply a shimmery cream eyeshadow stick on your eyelid, which will ensure the glitter sticks, then on top of it add loose glitter
We will not be using eyeliner for this look, instead use a bit of concealer on a brush and draw a clean edge from the corner of your eye towards the tip of your brow. This will give you a beautiful lifted eye look without the drama of the eyeliner
Apply multiple coats of mascara or subtle fake eyelashes to complete the eye look
Finish the look with your favourite nude lipstick and a bit of clear gloss


3. The Sultry & Attractive look
The last look is a sultry and attractive look for a romantic dinner date or an intimate night out. For this look, keep the face makeup simple and basic and let your lips and eyes be the outstanding features.
Starting with eyes, a subtle sultry diffused winged eyeliner look is very attractive and fairly popular nowadays
Use a dark matte eyeshadow of your choice, preferably a colour that makes your eyes pop, such as royal dark green. Draw a line across your eyelid exactly as you would with eyeliner
Then bring the eyeshadow to the corner of your eye to wing it out. For the sultry look, smoke out the line you drew using a clean brush and smudge the line until it’s smoked out as much as you want it
Finish off this eye look with multiple coats of mascara for maximum volume and length to match the drama of the eyes
For the lips, you can keep it soft and keep the focus on the eyes by using a beautiful nude lipstick and gloss, or you could go all out and accentuate the look by using a bold matte red or burgundy lipstick that ties the whole look together
I hope that you enjoyed learning and exploring these new and fun looks for Valentine’s Day! Go out there, my beauty and show them what you’ve got!

You can reach out to Rama Hijazi at Rama.ahijazi2001@gmail.com