Tie it Up with Love

By Razan Rousan

Father’s Day is all about spoiling Baba and letting him know just how much you love him. We’ve come up with a creative recipe using local ingredients to make it a memorable day for him.

Making Baba’s Blouse and Tie

All you need

Arabic Bedouin bread (shrak)

2tbs lebaneh

100 g turkey slices

1 tbs sumac

1 tbs dried mint leaves

100 g black olives

Let’s create Baba’s Shirt

1. Fold the bread into a rectangular shape and spread it with lebaneh

2. For the collar, using a pizza cutter, cut carefully three centimetres from the width, then fold it as a V shape at the top of the shirt

3. For the pocket, cut out a small square from the bread, then place a small triangle of bread on top of it and one sliced olive for the button

4. For the tie, cut the bread into the shape of a carrot, place it on top of the blouse and decorate it with lebaneh. You can experiment with the design, like adding cut out turkey hearts, olive dots or sprinkling thyme and sumac for stripes

Baba will love this handmade blouse!