Overcoming Monotony

By Sarah Nabulsi

At times it seems as though the days pass by in monotonous rhythms of repetitive notes and tedious melodies. But music enveloped in warm embracive, upbeat notes reminds us that even the unthinkable can happen. Maya Talhouni and Thomas Savage, a musical duo, are doing just that; diffusing positive tunes with their newly released album Unthinkable.

Maya, a Design and Visual Communications student at a university in Jordan, and Thomas, a university student of Physics in the United Kingdom, met through a mutual friend, and it wasn’t long before they started playing and writing music together.

Thomas and I work well together; I enjoy writing, recording and most importantly, watching memes together,” says Maya. But not being in the same country anymore makes it difficult, and at times frustrating, to record and write music. “We have to send each other recordings of ideas for songs instead of playing them in person,” Thomas notes. “But we manage to bring it all together in the end!”

A journey in music can only be described by music

Unthinkable is Maya and Thomas’s first album inspired by real-life events and people where each song is a window overlooking a story captured in a myriad of musical lyrics and notes entwined in their musical journey.

The whole experience is and has been unexpectedly wonderful, Maya tells us: “Sometimes I space out and think to myself: Yes, we wrote music and recorded it and it’s out there,” she says adding that people have bought their music and appreciate it. “It’s surreal to me; it’s unthinkable,” she exclaims.

Crescendos of excitement have emphasised this unthinkable journey. The process of crafting a song bit by bit, recording it, connecting the pieces and then releasing it, is very satisfying, as Thomas describes.

Facing the deafening clamour of the music industry

With the profound use of the Internet, musicians around the world have the opportunity to share their musical creations but with increasing difficulty to get noticed as artists. “Music has become a business for some of the most successful artists rather than the art of music,” expresses Thomas. “Nevertheless, I do not see an end in sight to our creation of music,” notes Maya.

Maya and Thomas are now working on their second and third albums so we are sure to continue enjoying the sprinkles of musical notes from these two creative musicians. Their rhythms and melodies persevere against the overwhelming waves of a busy, automated world to overcome the monotony of life.

You can find Maya and Thoma’s music on all major music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Anghami, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Deezer and YouTube.

Maya & Thomas’ advice for aspiring musicians

Music is about passion, practice, patience and perseverance. Just keep trying, whether it is with lyrics or music or finding the courage to play in public. Never stop writing drafts or trying different things even if you think it won’t work. Writer’s block can be horrible; sometimes you want to create music, but it just won’t come out. So wait it out while also having the will and intention to continue and you will hear the rhythm beat soon enough.

Our favourite music

Maya: “I can’t say I have a favourite genre in music, but I do have a particular soft spot for old music. I’m a big fan of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, The Killers and Paul Simon.”

Thomas: “Growing up, I listened to artists like Damien Rice and Alexi Murdoch. They are probably what influence my approach to singing and songwriting now.”