Newborn Basics

What you really need to buy

By Razan Rousan*

I started my shopping list at the 20th week of my pregnancy. Before buying anything, I got the catalogues of my favourite shops to help me with my checklist and ensure I don’t spend hours at the store perusing items I don’t need.

Before you head out the door for your baby’s essentials, consider these tips:

Avoid buying too many clothes that are size 0-3 as your baby will grow so fast during that period

Choose clothes that aren’t just beautiful but practical too. They should be comfortable and easy to open. Cotton body suits were my favourites

Remember that you don’t need everything displayed in baby shops as 40% of the items are not necessary and others will be used just for a short period

Don’t borrow or buy used mattresses or feeding bottles

Wait for gifts from family and friends. Better yet, baby showers and baby registries are becoming increasingly popular in Jordan

For your baby

6 sleepsuits

8 -12 short & long sleeved bodysuits

6 – 8 romper suits

2 jackets

4 hats

4 mitts

Feeding time

6 bibs

4 burp towels

Sterilising equipment

Milk container

Breast pads

Bottle cleaning brush

Bath time

Gentle body wash & shampoo

Bath thermometer

2 baby towels

Bath supports

Baby soft sponge

Baby grooming kit (brush, comb, nail clippers)

Baby bath tub

Going out

Baby car seat

Pram or stroller

Small baby bag with changing mat

Sun blinds

Baby on board sign

Baby’s room


New mattress

Waterproof mattress cover

2 sets of sheets

Bedding, bed bumper

Bed mobiles

Room thermometer

Soft newborn toys

Room monitor

Diapering supplies

Baby bouncing chair

Baby lullabies on CD, music mobile or a sound machine for babies

For you

4 nursing bras

Nipple cream

Nursing shirts and T-shirts

Comfortable nightgowns

Electric breast bump