Mothers: The Real Superheroes

I’ve been working with children with developmental delays for a number of years and it’s the mothers I am usually in direct contact with. These mothers, all diverse and from different cultures, have one thing in common: their willingness and eagerness to help their children.

Acceptance is the first step

Many mothers show love and acceptance for their children and develop expectations regarding their children’s future and how to guarantee a better future for them. I meet mothers who accept the fact that their child is developmentally delayed and others who remain in denial. Without a doubt, parents who show acceptance play a crucial rule and eventually their child develops immensely.

Positive beliefs = positive outcomes

Positive beliefs about children’s abilities lead to positive outcomes. Some children with delays have poor self-esteem, but this can change for the better when parents step up to improve their confidence and always encourage them to not give up.

We have a shortage of comprehensive rehabilitation services and teamwork in Jordan, but mothers remain resilient and proactive. I see them independently following up with their children’s therapists and schools to create a better plan or to solve an issue.

Knowledge has no limits

Everything we know as physiotherapists is based on research and clinical experience. New information pops up periodically and we always try to stay updated, but we may miss something – this is where a parent’s role completes ours. I meet many mothers who read comprehensively about their children’s conditions and they all enhance my knowledge, which I’m very grateful for since I can benefit other parents as well.  Some mothers even find new intervention methods that change their children’s lives forever!

A better future for all

Luckily, I know a number of mothers who started their own social initiatives, with direct or online services, to help other parents who face the same challenges. There is no one better to run these initiatives since they know exactly what other parents need.

A mother’s power and passion to increase her knowledge, seek better interventions and even run initiatives raise our hope for a better future in which our society embraces children with developmental delays. Her courage surpasses limitations and exceeds expectations, which is why she is a superhero in our eyes and her children’s eyes.

Tamara Jalajel,

Children’s Physiotherapist

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