How To Make a Chocolate Bouquet

By Datseh Qurraeen, Balloon Artist & Party Decorator

This month, why don’t you surprise your loved ones with an edible treat by making a charming flower bouquet out of tasty chocolate?

What you’ll need
10 round chocolate balls (we used white chocolate truffles)
1 foam sphere
Green tissue paper
Gold tissue paper
10 wooden skewers
White crafts glue
A paintbrush (for applying the glue)
Sewing Thread

The Steps
1. Cut the green tissue paper into approximately 4 cm wide strips
2. Carefully cut the foam sphere in half. If you find it difficult, ask Mama or Baba to help you. Put your half foam sphere on the table with the round side up
3. Use the paintbrush to apply the glue to the top of your foam sphere and cover it with the strips of green tissue paper
4. Coat a wooden skewer with glue and wrap the green strips of tissue paper around it. Then do the same to the rest of your wooden skewers until you get all of them wrapped in green tissue paper
5. Add candy to each skewer by taping the base of the chocolate to the top of the skewer. If the glue on your green skewers has completely dried and you are using a solid chocolate candy, you can also stick each skewer in each chocolate without taping it
6. Cut gold tissue paper into approximately 10 cm wide strips. To add some more shape to your gold flower petals, you can also curve the edges of the tissue paper strips
7. Wrap the gold tissue paper strips around each chocolate candy so that it looks like flower petals, tape it onto a skewer or use sewing thread to make the gold tissue paper hold on to the skewer
8. Stick your flower into the green foam ball so that it is standing straight
9: Repeat steps 6, 7, and 8 to get the number of flowers you want in your garden

Instead of using chocolate balls and wooden skewers, you can also use round lollipops. Just coat the lollipop stick in glue and wrap the green tissue paper around it to make the stem for each of
your flowers