Fluffy Cuteness! 

By Banah Sogayar, Hobby Cake Artist

Whether you’re celebrating Eid Al Adha or a birthday any time of year, marshmallow sheep cupcakes and toppers are so simple and fun to make that you can enlist your child and her friends to help! They are made from frosted white icing, mini marshmallows and fondant faces.
What you’ll need
Tools: Knife, toothpick, roller pin
Materials: Cupcakes, frosting, fondant colours and miniature marshmallows
Tip: You can colour the white fondant using gel colours or buy pre-coloured fondants if available
Cupcakes: Bake the cupcakes in the flavour you desire, then store them in an airtight container before putting them in the refrigerator. This helps keep them from drying out
Tip: For further embellishment, cut out fondant flowers or other decorations that match your party theme.

Marshmallow Sheep Topper
1. Crumble a cupcake, then mix with a little frosting and roll into an egg-shaped ball
2. Stick the mini marshmallows on top to create the wool effect
3. For the sheep head, roll out a black piece of fondant into a slightly elongated ball.
Then roll out two small pieces into short rods for the sheep’s ears and add them to the head
4. Roll two small white balls for the eyes and place them on the sheep’s face using your fingers to attach. Slightly flatten both balls onto the face
5. Using the black fondant, pinch two very small balls for the pupils of the eyes and place them gently on top of the white part of both eyes
6. Use a toothpick inside the marshmallow body to secure the sheep’s head safely
7. Shape an additional four long cylinders for the arms and legs, using a bit of frosting on one side to stick them on the body

Marshmallow Sheep Cupcake
1. Spread white frosting on the cupcake
2. Stick the mini marshmallows on top to create the wool effect
3. For the fondant face, arms and legs, repeat the above steps
4. Stick all the pieces together to get your sheep!