Can My Dreams Come True?

By Ghadeer Habash, Internationally Certified Career Trainer

Everyone has dreams; big or small, new dreams or old dreams, possible and seemingly impossible ones. But what makes some people live their dreams and achieve everything they have ever dreamed of?

We have goals for our kids. What about goals for yourself? Goals give us hope and build our character if we don’t just sit around but act!

Transforming each dream into a goal

A dream is what we wish to have but we usually don’t do anything about. Therefore, we most probably won’t achieve those dreams. On the contrary, a goal is specific, measurable, attainable, and realistic and time bound (has an identified timeframe to be achieved).

First, ask yourself: what do I really want? Write the answer down (a job, health issue, relationship, success in studying or even at work). The more specific you are, the better.

Second, ask yourself:  What should I do on daily basis that can bring me closer to my goal? Write down the answer on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere visible where you can read it every day and do what it says. For example, if my goal is to lose weight, I should be specific and realistic, such as “I want to lose three kilograms in one month” and my daily list could look something like this:

I will walk or jog for 30 minutes in the mornings on weekdays after my kids go to school

I will replace my Nutella pancake breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal

I will replace my cola or juice with cucumber or lemon infused water

Persistence and self-monitoring are important. Be persistent, avoid skipping the activity you’ve written down and put priorities for yourself. It’s easy for many of us to put others first, sacrificing our dreams in the process. Consider your activity, your daily steps to achieving your long-term dream, an essential part of your life now.

Why do so many people fail to realize their dream?

They are not clear enough on what they really want

They don’t show the needed commitment

They are not persistent enough; they give up easily

Tips in goal setting

Start with small goals and go through the whole process. Once you achieve your first goal, your confidence will increase and you will be motivated to achieve bigger goals

Get used to the system outlined above; make it your strategy or your way of life. In other words, be deliberate, don’t expect good things to transpire on their own

Design your future, imagining every single detail of what you want. Believe in yourself and don’t stop until you get wherever you want to go in life

Have faith