8 Stress-Busting Techniques  

By Dr Renad Seheimat, 

Clinical Pathologist & Laboratory Medicine Specialist 

We have all experienced stressful times. Many of us struggle with stress at work, home or even in our social life – even a happy occasion like a wedding, having a baby, moving house or going on holiday can carry with it some form of stress. Like any problem, stress requires a strategic management approach.

Stress buster: Choosing your response

Stress is highly individualised – it can make one person sick and make another feel invigorated. Negative coping reactions like overeating, smoking, alcohol overconsumption, drug dependence or any other excessive behaviour often leads to high blood pressure, high blood sugar levels, poor digestion, stomach upset, anxiety and lack of sleep. Eventually, the person will feel exhausted, helpless and depressed, suffering from chronic fatigue, headaches and allergies. The good news? We can identify our destructive behavio