Recipe For Success


Our cover photo of Helen Kandalaft comes from our Indulge spread, where 10 women team up with our photographer, makeup artists and clinical psychologist to reveal the secrets behind their beauty and vitality.


Jewellery Designer Randa Jabaji shares her Coral Collection and takes a stand to protect underwater environments in Jordan and around the world.


In Beauty, we bring you the Spring and Summer 2020 nail trends we love.


In Women’s Health, Dietician Ayah Murad helps pregnant women add iron-rich foods to their diet while Pharmacist Ruba Al Far stresses the importance of hormones to women’s health and wellbeing. She also has a health alert for all Jordanians, bringing us updates and tips on protecting us against the new coronavirus (COVID-19)


Finally, have you heard of Erotophobia? Clinical Psychologist Haneen Mas’oud, helps us understand the fear of sex or sexual intimacy.





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