Recipe For Success


As every new year brings the hope of new beginnings, this edition is no exception!


Dr Tareq Rasheed, International Consultant and Trainer, says habits, not resolutions, are the basic building blocks of change. See for yourself how 12 months to adopt 12 habits of success can work for you.


Certified Dietician Ayah Murad helps us understand (and fight) the link between stress and weight gain.


Fashion Designer Ghadeer Habash of GHhandmade offers a practical fashion guide for flattering specific body shapes.


Clinical Psychologist Haneen Mas’oud unpacks the Imposter Syndrome, the voice in some people that tells them they’re not as good as people think.


Pharmacist Ruba Al Far, who covers holistic health topics, focuses this month on three areas for successful ageing.


Certified Job Coach for people with disabilities Luma Jamjoum explains her role of coaching employers and employees and reminds us that children with disabilities can grow up to become productive members of society with a rewarding profession.


Personal hygiene and beauty go hand-in-hand. Beauty Stylist Rola Hamdan reviews products that are sure to contribute to our overall health and wellness.




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