Recipe For Success


Our Jordanian inspiration is Muna Haddad in this special edition. A pioneer in ecotourism, she helps us become responsible travellers and discover Jordan in a whole new way. Plus, she shares insights on what’s in store for tourism in Jordan post-COVID-19.


We continue to team up with Amman Design Week to bring you a world of inspiration and possibilities – this month, we explore unique installations and sculptures.


While the country and the world continues to persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic, our partner, the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS), gives us a refresher course so we may continue to stay safe and healthy.


Internationally Certified Career Trainer Ghadeer Habash and Architect Rand Haj Hasan team up to support parents having to or choosing to work from home (page xx)


In Herb Corner this month, discover the medicinal, cosmetic and culinary benefits of the cornflower!


As we bid farewell to the rainy season and welcome sunshine back into our lives, Pharmacist Ruba Al Far delves into the best beauty secret for skin health: sunscreen.


Dietician Ayah Murad shares her grocery shopping tips for meat, poultry and fish.


Be sure to get your Spoonful of Wellness with a new member on our team, Abeer Jabaji, Classical Homoeopath and Personal Development Coach, writing about homoeopathy.


Are you equipped with the right decision-making tools and strategies? Dr Tareq Rasheed, International Consultant and Trainer lays it out for us.


Those who engage in self-harming behaviour are often very secretive about it so Clinical Psychologist Haneen Mas’oud helps us understand the impulse, the signs and what can be done to help.


Luma Jamjoum, who coaches people with disabilities, stresses the important role of parents in opening new doors and possibilities for their daughter or son.



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