Recipe For Success


With World Heart Day on 29 September, the Royal Health Awareness Society shares seven ways to improve and protect your heart. Also in health features, Sheela Sheth unpacks the health, beauty and culinary benefits of Rooibos tea while Pharmacist Ruba Al Far helps us understand our biological age.


Our experts inspire us to live our best lives yet from decoding our body language (International Consultant and Trainer Dr Tareq Rasheed) and finding happiness through acts of kindness (Life Coach and Positive Psychologist Ibrahim Mango) to how we can avoid emotional burnout (Relationships and Couples Therapist Mariam Hakim). Then, Educational Psychologist Dina Halaseh helps us understand why we forget things and offers tips for learning and retaining information.


Fashion and Beauty Blogger Rama Zoughali unpacks the hair challenges each season brings and offers tips for healthier hair all year round. Plus, Zoughali helps us get through those days when we want to be comfortable and don’t feel like dressing up, but still wish to look put-together.




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