Home & Birthday Delight


On the occasion of Mother’s Day (21 March), Baker & Chocolatier Lara Hammoudeh whips up a fluffy pancake for her mother!


Chef Majida Makhamreh Nasrawi gives us a burst of sweet-tart citrus flavour with kumquat marmalade and oat bars.


No-bake recipes make life so much easier for busy babas and mamas. Food Blogger Banan Gharaibeh’s no-bake Fruit & Biscuit Cake is a keeper!


Who has the time to spend hours in the kitchen these days? Food Blogger Lara Abdulhadi turns to leftovers to bring us one of our favourite traditional food staples – our vegetarian fettet hummus.


In Food Expert Sheela Sheth’s kitchen, we’ll find her on a cauliflower craze!


Finally, Balloon Artist & Party Decorator Datseh Qurra’een shows us how to make a flower bouquet made out of balloons!






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