12 Months to Adopt 12 Habits of Success

By Dr Tareq Rasheed, 

International Consultant & Trainer

2020 is here but are you ready? Let’s welcome the new year with a renewed determination to succeed by setting ourselves up to be success-habit based people.  For the action-oriented person, the 12 habits is a model for personal development and sustainability.


Dreaming and planning

You may well know the adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Set your GPS in motion for the coming year. The destination that you are targeting is your dream. Set your dream on three levels: short-term (2 years), intermediate-term (5 to 7 years) and long-term (where you are 10 to 15 years from now). Remember, if you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Prioritising 20 / 80

Plans have to be accompanied by action – putting your efforts on the 20 per cent of habits and actions will help you achieve 80 per cent of the results. Results-based people determine the most important actions they need to concentrate on for the coming year that would help them achieve accelerated results.


Health is wealth

You cannot achieve your dreams and actions if your health is suffering. Thus, make a habit of prioritising your health in these areas:

  • Physical health: Energising your body – eating healthier, getting enough good quality sleep and exercising regularly 
  • Mental health: Energising your mind – reading, becoming a fact-based person and not believing everything that’s said on the Internet, in media or from people unless you can assess its validity
  • Emotional health: Energise your heart – choosing to spend time in positive environments and with positive people, increasing your emotional intelligence (self-awareness, managing negative emotions, motivating yourself) 
  • Spiritual health: Praying or meditating, living a well-balanced life that looks after your body, mind and heart

Effort and determination

Dreams, priorities and health are the pre-success habits; to live success, efforts have to be done to transfer dreams into reality. According to Thomas Edison, “Creativity is 99 per cent effort and action and one per cent inspiration”.

Team support

One of the key habits of success is deliberately surrounding yourself with well-intentioned people who can share with you your dream. After all, TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More!

Sharpening and developing your skills

Skills are the tools you need to achieve your dream. Be specific with the skills you need to achieve and work each week on a specific skill to develop. You’ll first learn the skill but then you’ll need to practice it and apply it.

Investing in your talents

You are born talented but you may not be fully aware of your talents or how to leverage them. I apply the four-stage model of  the Talent Management System:

1. Talent Identification: Using tools to help identify your talent

2. Talent Framing: Directing your talent in the right direction and relating it to your dream

3. Talent Development: Training, coaching, consulting and counselling

4. Talent Investment: Setting actions to transfer into results


Being value-oriented

Dreams and actions to form a success story should be ethical and value-based. Value-based leaders define their values and fall under two categories, both of which are important:

  • Attitude values: Honesty, credibility, commitment, care
  • Action values: Creativity, quality, continuous improvement

Applying the 3 FFs

1. Do not Fear Failure: Failure is the secret of success; it is a cornerstone to successive successful steps

2. But Fear Fear: Fear is the element that will prevent achievement, so the only thing to fear is fear

3. Then Focus & Follow-up: An important way to focus on achieving success is to follow-up on your failures, ensuring that you learn from and make use of them

Fighting perfectionism

One of the biggest time-wasters in life that prevents dream achievement is being a perfectionist. Only God is perfect, so let’s be accurate and precise but also reasonable and be able to accept and learn from failure.

Monitoring and evaluation

Just as monitoring and evaluation tools are important for a business, they are needed to make sure that your habits are working for you. Here, you can identity the gaps or impediments and tweak or overhaul your plan.

Cultivating an attitude of happiness

At every point on your journey of meeting targets, celebrate your achievements. Once you cultivate an attitude of gratitude, you’ll find yourself breathing, tasting and living happiness!

You can implement the model of the 12 habits of success by applying three sequential habits in a week until you work up to practising all 12 habits each month.