10 Ways to Get Ready for Breastfeeding

10 Ways to Get Ready for Breastfeeding
By Thuraya Al’awwa, IBCLC (specialist in the clinical management of breastfeeding)

Breastfeeding is natural, so why all the fuss? While breastfeeding may come “naturally” to some, most mothers face challenges. Breastfeeding is a learned skill, just like walking; it comes with its challanges. Here are tips for preparing yourself.

1. Get educated – parenting books and online websites are a great place to start. There are many myths surrounding breastfeeding, so seek out reliable resources
2. Family Flavours magazine has covered breastfeeding topics with experts in the field for over a decade – check out back issues and look for upcoming ones too
3. Join your local breastfeeding Facebook support group, like
facebook.com/groups/breastfeedinginjordan. Mother to mother support is really important for the continuation of breastfeeding
4. Talk to your gynaecologist or health care provider about your plans to breastfeed. Most doctors are supportive of breastfeeding, especially when they feel that the mother is well equipped with the right information and knows what she’s doing
5. Get checked for any possible problems like inverted or flat nipples and find out how to get these issues resolved – talk to your doctor or lactation consultant
6. Know about the hospital you’re going to give birth at. Learn about their policies, how supportive the staff is, ask your friends and family members or your online community of support about their previous experiences there
7. Make a birth plan. Include your decision to breastfeed in it. Share it with your doctor, paediatrician and nursing staff at the hospital
8. Seek out a lactation consultant before or immediately after delivery. Some hospitals in Jordan have one on staff, so make a point to seek her out
9. Get contact information for consultants and educators in case you need advice during the days, weeks or months after your baby’s birth
10. Talk to your partner, other family members and even your employer about what to expect. Their support and understanding is paramount. After all, breastfeeding success requires that you be calm and focused during those challenging times