Recipe For Success

Recipe for Success

The Royal Health Awareness Society profiles Jordan’s Trailblazers in Health. Meet four women in nutrition, healthcare, education and counselling who’re making a difference in the lives of women, men and children across the Kingdom.

Speaking of health, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Specialist Dr ‘Ola Abu Laban exposes the silent threat in women’s health: chlamydia. Then Pharmacist Ruba Far prepares us for skin allergies common in spring.

In her monthly corner, Food for the Eye, Photographer Anastasia Casey captures the essence of motherhood; Lina Abu Taleb and her daughter Amira Moualla made it onto the cover of our sister publication, Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh!

Clinical Dietician Serein Behari is helping women over 40 overcome nutrition challenges – find out if hormonal changes may be to blame for weight gain, loss of bone and muscle density and even digestive issues.

Clinical Psychologist Haneen Mas’oud walks us through the stages of supporting a loved one with a mental illness.

Trainer and Consultant Dr Tareq Rasheed shares insights on successful family relations while Life Coach and Positive Psychologist Ibrahim Mango reveals the five pillars of wellbeing.

In fashion, teenager Hala Hamra connects the past with the present through her Palestinian cross-stitch designs.

In beauty, Beauty and Fashion Blogger Rama Zoughali reveals the top lipstick trends.