Recipe For Success

Recipe for Success

  • In our Real Lives report, Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) report on gender inclusivity in the workplace in Jordan. 
  • Before we can be the best parents to our kids, we need to take care of ourselves first. With all the hype surrounding vegetarian and vegan diets, Nutritionist Ayah Murad suggests a compromise and makes a case for becoming a part-time vegetarian. 
  • Also in Recipe for Success are our experts helping you live your best life yet. Dr Yaman Tal, Consultant Urological Surgeon & Consultant in Sexual Medicine, gives hope for married men and women suffering from depression and educates them on how to adress such issues so as to prevent them from serving as obstacles in their relationship. Then, for International Day of Older Persons (1 October), Couple Therapist Mariam Hakim shows us how to care of our ageing parents while keeping our marriage intact. 
  • Internationally Certified Career Trainer Ghadeer Habash wants to see you succeed and fulfill your dream of starting your own business – her tested tips are a must-read for all hopeful entrepreneurs. 
  • We welcome to our team Life Coach and Positive Psychologist Ibrahim Mango who’s kickstarting his Positive Psychology series. 
  • In Table Talk, we sit with three remarkable warriors of hope who open up about surviving cancer and coming out on the other side as more courageous, strong and positive.– don’t miss this power chat between Dareen Kotob, Nermeen Murad Garlick and Randa Saify Shalan.
  • Finally, we dip into the life of artist Lucy Roman as she colours our lives with Jordan’s natural beauty. With the release of her new coloring book, Colour Jordan Beautiful, she manages to spread joy and the therapeutic benefits of coloring to all.