Recipe For Success

Recipe for Success

Welcome to our summer edition! Summer is the perfect time to detox with Nutritionist Ayah Murad’s refreshing water recipes. World Hepatitis Day is on 28 July – check out the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS)’s important health alert. Dermatologist Dr Dana Fara’neh-Batayneh sheds light on the liquid gold of skincare: Platelet-Rich Plasma. MedLabs celebrates 25 years towards a healthier society with team members sharing how they spread wellness through their work and in their personal lives.


Sexual health is often overlooked in society so we reached out to Consultant Urological Surgeon & Consultant in Sexual Medicine Dr Yaman Altal about addressing women dealing with the problem of painful sex. Relationships & Couples Therapist Mariam Hakim offers tips for readers living with an angry partner.


Also in Recipe for Success are our experts for helping you live your best life yet. First, Entrepreneur and Marketing & Training Consultant Ghadeer Habash delves into the digital world for social media related career and parenting advice. Then ThetaHealingÒ Master Mays Shakhshir helps us understand fear and choose love in every situation.


We can all use as much support as we can get in the parenting department! Adapted for Family Flavours from Razan Rousan’s book Tiny Tips, we bring new parents newborn and toddler eating tips.


In our Real Lives report, Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development (ARDD) goes beyond the grim statistics and international aid figures to spotlight local efforts to uphold the human dignity of refugees.


Finally, we take you behind the scenes of Jordan’s fashion industry with Ibrahim Badareen, Industry Professional and Trainer at the Garment Design and Training Services Center (GSC).