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Meet our new experts

We welcome to our team this month two contributing experts in the fields of children’s development:

Educational Consultant Amani ‘Attili is the MENA Regional Coordinator for Labeeb’s Friends programme, MENA regional coordinator for the Partnership for Children, a non-profit UK-based charity, and founder of the non-profit Umnyat for Training. The former physicist became passionate about education after witnessing the lack of psychosocial development in schools.

Labeeb’s programme promotes the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young children in Jordan, Palestine and Kuwait, and consists of training teachers in the six modules they will teach weekly over the course of one year and integrated throughout the curricula.

Turn to page 70 for ‘Attili’s practical tips on how to improve your child’s ability to identify and describe feelings.

Children’s physiotherapist Tamara Jalajel earned her physiotherapy bachelor’s degree from the University of Jordan, specializing in sports injury, but discovered her passion for children’s exercise and health after winning the prestigious Chevening scholarship. With her master’s degree from the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, she returned to

Jordan to work in the field of exercise therapy for children up to 18 years old.

Jalajel has extensive experience in developmental delay, clumsiness, orthopaedic disorder, neurological disability and more. Jalajel produces educational/awareness-raising video clips for parents in Arabic, conducts bilingual training for parents and one-on-one therapy sessions for children to help in their physical development, activity and ability to participate in learning, playing and socialising.

Turn to page 68 for Jalajel’s tips on beating the summer slump!