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Readers Speak Out

Al Marji’ Publications invited some longtime subscribers of Family Flavours and Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh parenting magazines to participate in focus group discussions last month to evaluate the content and design of both publications. This is part of the company’s regular monitoring and evaluation process.

Participants noted the relevancy and diversity of topics, the contributions of many reputable experts, the emphasis on local coverage and the inclusion of different segments of society such as refugees, persons with disabilities and multicultural families. The relevance of integrating  Muslim and Christian perspectives and the reader-friendly style and design of both magazines were also commended.

Mothers and fathers pointed out that it was very important to keep raising awareness about the dangers of smoking, a theme emphasised in the May editions of both magazines on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. Both mothers and fathers called out for more anti-smoking articles and campaigns in partnership with Tobacco Free Jordan.

Ahmad Khan, a subscriber of Family Flavours for over six years, called for more information about the use of herbal remedies as alternative forms of medicine. The businessman and father of three also noted the significance of keeping parents informed about the pros and cons of the latest gadgets and online applications for kids and teens.

A reader of both magazines for over seven years and a mother of three, Thuraya ‘Awwa asked for regular information about family-friendly activities in Jordan. A nutritionist and breastfeeding specialist by profession, ‘Awwa commended the parenting sessions recently held by Al Marji’ Publications with its partners InvestBank and the Children’s Museum Jordan. “I actually engaged with the consultants giving the workshop and now ask them for regular advice,” she disclosed at the meeting.

Subscribers also confirmed that the gifts they receive with the magazines influence their consumer behaviour and that, in many instances, items such as the tissue and kitchen paper, liquid soap and food have become regulars in their household. “The olive oil products marketed through your magazines are a must for my family now. I even told my friends about them and they are also buying the soap, shampoo and oils made by this brand,” pointed out  Sireen Abu Basal, a mother of three and IT expert at a local university. “You truly find all the flavours of life in these parenting magazines!” she concluded.