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The Three Musketeers

Tala Jallad: second-year Applied English student in Jordan

Doha Abu Omair: third-year English-Italian student in Jordan

Natalie Khoury: second-year English student in the United Kingdom

It all took place months ago when Doha and Tala filled out an online application for the INJAZ and UNICEF Tatawa3 (volunteer)Programme and got matched according to theirmajors to Al Marji Publications; publisher of Family Flavours and Nakahat ‘Ailiyeh parenting magazines.

Tataw3 is a skills development programme that focuses on empowering students aged 15-25 years and cultivates a culture of volunteerism in Jordan. “The opportunity to work in the fields we select helps us identify what we’re passionate about at our age,” says Tala. Doha adds that “The programme’s vision is the reality we volunteering in today, it’s true we’re becoming strong, resilient youths with a goal to achieve.”

Natalie joined from England as an intern and completed the team. So far, the “experience

at Al Marji’ Publications has been challenging, but one of a kind,” notes Natalie.We’re given real work and treated like any team member. And though, she adds, “we’ve only been here for a month, we’ve grown personally and professionally.”


The three students encourage teens of all ages to join the programme, become volunteers or interns to develop new skills, work on existing ones and use them towards a productive Jordan.