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Societe Generale de Banque-Jordanie renews partnership with Tkiyet Um Ali

For the fifth consecutive year, Societe Generale de Banque-Jordanie (SGBJ) signed a partnership agreement with Tkiyet Um Ali (TUA) confirming its support to TUA’s activities and feeding programmes. Through this partnership, the bank will support 14 families living below the food poverty line, providing them with monthly food parcels.

“We believe that nobody deserves to live in hunger,” said Nadim Abaouat, SGBJ’s General Manager and praised Tkiyet Um Ali’s volunteering programmes and highlighted the importance of getting involved in civic causes. Samer Balker, Tkiyet Um Ali’s Director General, believes in the importance of partnering with the private sector.

Tkiyet Um Ali currently supports 30,000 families living under the poverty line across the Kingdom. These families receive monthly food parcels that contain 22 food commodities to meet the families’ daily food requirements on a monthly basis.


Jordanian professor visits India under Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Academic Visitors Programme 

With an aim to strengthen academic and scholarly cooperation between India and Jordan and develop better mutual understanding and cooperation, Dr Mahmoud Shara’ah, Dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages (FFL), was invited by ICCR under its Academic Visitors Programme for an exchange visit to India last month.

Besides meeting various Indian dignitaries during his visit, Dr Shara’ah delivered lectures at Indian centres of academic excellence such as the Jawahar Lal Nehru University, the Delhi University, Jamia Milia University, University of Mumbai and the Bangalore University. Lecture topics included:

“Appropriating Arabic matters in Shakespeare” “Appropriating Shakespeare in Arabic literature, especially drama”

“Higher education and cultural studies in Jordan”

Under ICCR’s AVP programme, reputed academicians are invited to visit India for a period of seven to 10 days. The selected academicians are provided single international airfare with full local hospitality and programme in India is also arranged by ICCR.


Readers of The Jordan Times get local expert-backed information from Family Flavours 

Thanks to a partnership agreement between The Jordan Times and Al Marji’ Publications, the newspaper reprints articles first published in Family Flavours by Jordan’s top experts and contributors across field. Experts whose articles recently ran in The Jordan Times include:

Child Development & Parenting Specialist Sirsa Qursha

Clinical Pathologist & Laboratory Medicine Specialist Dr Renad Seheimat

Health & Fitness Educator Marian Podoleanu

Desperate Dieter contributor Sonia Salfity

Veterinarian  Dr Silvia Zayadin

Life Coach Dana Judeh