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Cookie Monsters

nspired by October this month, Khalded (11) and his brother Omar (10) Abdul Razeq join young chef Grace Agougbi as she shows them how to...

Empowering Families in Jordan: Connecting Parents & Experts Once Again

Parents and educators connected last month with Jordan’s top experts to discuss saving habits, schooling and parenting at “Ask Our Experts II”, a follow-up...

Spreading Tolerance with a Pot & a Lens

By Noor Nasser Lebanese-American author, photographer and food consultant Barbara Abdeni Massaad is striving to change lives through her work. In an exclusive interview with Family...

Pick of the Month: Fidget Spinner

Pick of the Month:Fidget Spinner By Karma Khalidi, Early Childhood Educator As an early childhood educator, I am fascinated with how much time children spend discussing...

Prescription for Happiness

Prescription for Happiness Text and photos by Noor Nasser Ten years ago, Dr Amjad ‘Aryan spoke to us about his journey from pharmacy intern to...

Fluffy Cuteness!

  Fluffy Cuteness! 
 By Banah Sogayar, Hobby Cake Artist Whether you’re celebrating Eid Al Adha or a birthday any time of year, marshmallow sheep cupcakes and...

Sheepishly Creative!

Sheepishly Creative! If you’re celebrating ‘Eid Al Adha next month or just want to spend quality time as a family in the kitchen, kick- start...

The Homework Struggle is Real!

The Homework Struggle is Real! By Sirsa Qursha, Child Development & Parenting Specialist Homework is usually dreaded by both parents and children alike! But keep in mind...

10 Ways to Get Ready for Breastfeeding

10 Ways to Get Ready for Breastfeeding By Thuraya Al'awwa, IBCLC (specialist in the clinical management of breastfeeding) Breastfeeding is natural, so why all the fuss?...

Oat Balls: Bite into a burst of superpowers!

Oat Balls Bite into a burst of superpowers with these homemade energy balls! ‘Atta Abu Sha’ar (10) joins Hamzah Qudah (17) to make these nutritious...


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