Sweet Like Mama & Tetah!

Sweet Like Mama & Tetah!

By Banah Sogayar, Hobby Cake Artist

Why not show mama and tetah just how sweet you think they are by baking up some delicious Mother’s Day cupcakes? They will, for sure, love all the effort you put in, in making them!


What you’ll need


Coloured fondant

Cutters (round, heart, butterfly, flower)

Rolling pin

Silicon moulds


Tea party set
1. Roll out blue and pink fondants, then cut out flower or round shaped bases to add on the cupcake

2. Make a white fondant ball and press in the kettle and teacup moulds

3. Push out the shapes and decorate them with mini flowers

4. Draw on them using edible pens

5. Assemble all the pieces together to create this cute teacup party!


The mama frame

1. Mix pink and white fondant just a few times to create a marble effect

2. Press the white fondant into the silicon frame and pull it out gently

3. Using a pink edible pen, write Mama or thank you Mama on the inside of the frame

4. Be creative and add any decoration you like!

Vintage brooch
1. For the blue and white striped base, roll out blue and white fondant sheets and cut them into equal strips, then place them side by side using a round-shaped cutter to cut out your striped base

2. Press a white fondant ball into the broche mould and push it out

3. Add it on the centre of the cupcake and surround it with mini fondant balls

4. Glue the balls onto the base with a bit of water if needed

Butterfly cupcake

1. Roll out blue fondant and cut out a round base using a round cutter then add it onto the cupcake

2. Cut out mini pink flowers using the flower cutter

3. Roll mini white balls to spread on the cupcake for extra decoration

4. Cut out a blue butterfly to add a romantic feeling

5. To create the lace effect, use a knife to cut out the shape of a lace strip

6. Using a toothpick, engrave any pattern you like onto the fondant. This needs time and patience!

7. Assemble the pieces together to create your final look

Flowery cupcakes

There are many flower cutters available in the market, choose the one you like and cut them out in pink colours and stick them on to a white fondant base or any base of your choosing